Proudly presenting: Title screen for Run Jump shoot Man 3

(Backup link: )

It’s been a journey, but I’m glad it’s finally done.

After some consultation with my lecturer, I’ve refined and added some actual design to the title screen, my goals are first and foremost

1) To show what the game is about breifly

2) To show narration

3) To encourage players to press start.

Also, for smoother loading, I’ve added the preloaded from newgrounds, Thanks!

The  total file size of 1.8 mb. Enjoy.

On sounds

On sounds

Audiocity is awesome, show in this picture, I’m ‘softening’ the sound levels for my narration track.

I’ve tried, I’ve tried so hard, but… I just can’t find it. My voice is horrible, but worst then that, flash only accepts MP3 files.

I’ve tried multiple programs, but this was the best I could end up with. Take a listen…

They just… don’t sound right, even using a text to speech program instead of my horrible voice. Well, I’ll just have to omit it out entirely.

It wasn’t entirely a waste though, with Audiocity, I’ve smoothed out the volume levels of the different music in my flash video as well as to edit the sound clips to reduce it’s size.

Also, added a ‘sword drawn ring’ sound effect which I found thanks to google, to ‘bring in’ the Title text from the narration.

Project update Extras: Making a company loading screen + other updates

Project update Extras: Making a company loading screen + other updates

Well, first up, as you can see, i’ve been busy making the company logo scene. I’ll never, ever, underestimate company logo screens again.

Hitfilm 2 is a newbie pain… followed some guides and I’ve learned how to use it now, but it’s still a pain..

Why would you not add ‘add keyframe’ when you right click? Hit film 2? Would have saved me ages…..

Anyway! Hitfilm2 only produces video media, which you can’t use in flash, so with GifCam, i’ve turned the video into an animated gif, and from there, to photoshop (to reduce size) and last but not least, into flash.

Other updates was adding a ‘screeching’ sound effect into the main scenes and general animation smoothing/tweaking.

Also, I’ve decided to add a last scene where the main character enters, and asks the players to press start. This scene would have soothing music, with a background to match.


Final updates and thoughts on music

Well, everything’s done.

For the last and final update to making an intro scene, I discover that what I had in mind was to short, so I added in more animations and there is more stuff to see.

The ‘main’ title screen has an animation loop of 20 seconds.

Also, added in background to a background, and made it scroll at a slower pace to give the illusion of movement.

Now two problems remain: The ‘intro’ before the title screen, and the music.

For the music, it’s very, very hard to find a piece that would fit in 20 seconds, so after much searching, I’ve finally settled on chiptunes. Chiptunes are small, and they are short, which makes it ideal for what I have in mind.

How to make a moving background

How to make a moving background

Hello everyone, first, let me show you how you should make a moving background.

First, grab a background file, like the one I have received from my teammate. Next, copy it, and place it side by side.

You will soon find inconsistency at the edges. That’s fine, all you have to do is copy and paste small parts of the background to cover it up, Show in the picture.

And there you go, you now have a background that you can easily loop into itself. Start moving the picture and stopping it on the 2nd part, and then the picture will loop onto itself.


However, just one layer of background is not enough

You need to have a 2nd background that scrolls SLOWLY in comparison to the foreground that scrolls fast.

To do that, it’s simple, just inflate a picture, and make it scroll as the flash animation goes on.

background scrolling


However, you will soon come across a problem when you animate this in flash, how do you STOP animating it in flash?


To do so, you need maths. First, take a note of how many frames your ‘loop’ animation takes. In my case the background loop takes  105 frames.

Next, find an ‘end’ point for the animation: For example, the background animation will end at frame 325.

so, 105 x 3 = 315.

so it takes 10 more frames of movement,

So what you do is, create a new layer, and copy the ORIGINAL non moving background picture into frame 315, and animate it for 10 frames.

It will look like something Below.

background tutorial

Part 3: Making a title screen


Mhm.. yes, I know, it doesn’t look impressive yet, nor does it have sound.. Nor has the ‘acted’ animations. (Character running, character jumping, character shooting enemies to them dying) been done, but this is what I’ve been working on so far.

Work done this week:
1) Monster animations
2) Advanced flash lessons
3) Flash hosting
4) Showcasing art done in one flash file.

For next week, I require the ‘ground’ and the ‘background’ from my teammate before I can do most of the animating work. He might/might not have sound ready, but either way, sound will be in it.

In order to animate the monster, first you must have the art assets. Pictured below is all the art needed for an animated slime movement

slime 7 slime slime2 slime3 slime4 slime 5 slime 6

Join all  images in photoshop to make a gif.

shop work

And lastly, create a new symbol movie clip in flash, and then drop the gif into it.

slime in flash

Repeat above for every single monster in the animation.

Making a title screen take 2: The words

Well, I’ll be the first admit that my work is amateurish, so this is just the first iteration of the ‘title’ and how I did it.

A title screen has to have the name of the game in there, so how do you make a ‘text’ for the title screen. I started off with this.


Just searching for a title ‘text’. I needed something big, and something thick so that I could work on.

The rest is personal aesthetics. Eventually I decided on Hagana, and laid out the text in word, just to see how it’ll look like.


Satisfied, I shifted it into photoshop, added color and…


Animated it, here’s the end result.



Lastly, I will also be picking the font for the “Press start” and the Narration in my flash.

Seeing as I’m going for a fantasy theme, I did a google look up on ‘fantasy’ themes and after browsing, I found the perfect font for my title screen.

You can take a look and download the font here:

Making a title screen, act1.

Dear lord.

It used to be so easy… just double click on the picture after converting and a new ‘timeline’ opens up for you to do the animation.
Now, you have to create a new symbol instead… When you figure what to do, it becomes easy, but as a complete newb to flash, it took me a while to figure this out.

Anyway, progress!
Edison has finally given me some images, he made the character and saved it as animated gifs with transparency…
Turns out though…

Only the first ‘frame’ is transparent!
Guess banned story has a flaw after all…

Due to this, I had to take some time to turn all his pictures into transparent animations.

You may be wondering why am I doing the animations in photoshop as gifs?

The reason is simple, this way, I’m assured that all the animations will be aligned. If I do it in flash, it is really hard to make sure that they are aligned, and that the animation doesn’t jar left, or jar right by two pixels. It’s very noticeable if that happens.

So anyway! Animations are being worked on, adding in transparency to all images, and learning flash.


Look forward to it.

Making a title screen: Idea generation!

Well, I have a solid idea.


For my college assignment, our next task is to make a title screen.

Now, here’s my gig.

“There was once a man.”

*Dum* (pacific rim, reveal sound, you know, that deep bass?)

“Who, to save his princess…”


“Had to run”

*Flash to guy running*

“And jump”

*Flash to jump*

“And Shoot”

*Flash to shoot

Screen brightens up, showing the character running sideways as words appear on the screen along with someone saying this in the ‘announcer’ voice.




Now, what can I do?

Well… this will involve some heavy, heavy, heavy work. There will only be two guys, and none of us can animate.

I’m going to pick up flash and start learning. The other guy will probably do sounds.

That’s how it is.

Credits 4 out of 4. Complete


To Play it yourself, check it out here. There are two versions. Get the without rtp version if you have installed RPG maker vx ace in your computer.

(Link to be added, sorry)

If you don’t have RPG maker, get the game with all the files that you need to run the game.

Well… This is it, the end.

From the script I’ve written    (you can see it here, though it hasn’t been fully updated: )

To actual working game. My teammates all did an amazing job.

For this final week, I personally didn’t contribute much other then grammar checks, game/event checks, minor scene modifications, dialogue tweaks, and the ‘Credits, press z to talk to npc’ pop up.

Hope you enjoy.